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PACIFIC natural gut tennis racquet strings

Our product line is 100% manufactured from the finest New Zealand grass fed beef, just a small, but thoughtful, step from being truly organically raised. The lack of needless steroids and antibiotics, or animal-based food supplements produces exceptionally healthy, strong beasts — totally free of BSE and other horrible bovine diseases.

These animals have intestines that are healthy, strong, virtually free of imperfections, and are ideal for producing exceptional tennis racquet strings.

During the last five years, we have listened very carefully to our dealers, players, stringers, and testers (in alphabetical order). They consistently told us that control and feel were the two most important performance criteria, and that tension retention and abrasion resistance are the keys to performance life. Stringers told us how gut could be tough to string and that a small mistake could ruin a set. We listened very carefully, and honestly believe our line contains the most stringer friendly and best performing gut strings ever made, with performance life second to none.

A recent issue of the racquet sports industry’s most prestigious magazine published string comparisons which showed PACIFIC natural gut strings had the lowest tension loss of all strings tested, they were also ranked number 1 and 3 for softness. We fully agree with these results, because they precisely reflect how we designed our strings to perform.

We have developed a very coherent line of natural gut strings with several truly different models tailored to meet a variety of requirements.


PrimeGut is our strongest and most powerful gut string, and was rated the softest string in the world. Like the young bulls it comes from, it is very strong and tough. In fact, the meat is so tough, it is mainly ground up for hamburger. Its very high tensile strength makes it ideal for those who like high tensions or thinner gauges, and its softness gives the best feel, comfort and control we know how to create. Only our own ClassicGut rated better for resistance to tension loss. Natural blonde color, 12.2 meters (41 feet) length, in 15, 15L, 16, 16L, and 17 gauge.

PrimeGut Imperial

This string has a unique spiral design which is as functional as it is beautiful. The balanced spiral construction takes the TourGut Controlled Energy technology a step further. Excellent control, with controlled power. Available in natural blonde with a purple spiral, 12.2 meters (41 feet) length, available in 15, 15L, 16, 16L and 17 gauge. (Naturally, thinner gauges have lower break strengths.)

Pacific PrimeGut tennis string


TourGut evolved from our TournamentPro. Its Controlled Energy construction was designed to be slightly stiffer, allowing the more powerful tournament level hitters to use lower stringing tensions, enabling their natural swing to power the ball while having exceptional tension retention. Made from “prime” ox and heifer, the animals that produce New Zealand’s finest quality low fat, low cholesterol steaks. Available in natural blonde or amber, 12.2 meters (41 feet) length, in 15, 15L, 16, 16L, and 17 gauge.

Pacific TourGut tennis string


ClassicGut was designed to provide the best possible combination of softness for feel, comfort, and control, while minimizing tension loss for long performance life. Made from mature cows, it was rated the world’s third softest string, with the world’s best tension retention. Available in natural blonde or amber, 12.2 meters (41 feet) length, in 15, 15L, 16, and 16L gauge.

Pacific ClassicGut tennis string